Caillou Chaise

Automotive inspired sculptural furniture 

Interior Light Art Installations

The imagination is our only limitation

The Bubble Chair

Reimagined: 2020 Edition

Timeless Modern Interiors

Tempus - Illuminated Timepieces

Luxurious clocks for the digital generation

Commercial Lighting Installations

Data driven digitally controlled light installations for commercial properties

Shaping the Future of Lighting

Luxury lighting based art for hospitality, commercial real estate and high-end homes

High-End Luxury Interiors

Complete interior design service incorporating highly user friendly digital lighting systems

Modern Design for 21st Century Living

Ben is the go-to creative designer for those looking to inject excitement and wow-factor into their interiors. Becoming more recognised as one of the most visionary designers between Los Angeles and Silicon Valley for anyone requiring the cool factor in modern luxury homes, high tech offices as well as special entertainment spaces such as man caves, party barns or garages-come-art-galleries. His extraordinarily futuristic take on lighting, furniture and interiors is a direct result of his love of sci-fi movies and automotive design. These twin passions have challenged him to regularly push the limits of technology, materials and manufacturing techniques. Ben’s work has been exhibited in cultural institutions internationally, including the V&A Museum, the Grand Palais in Paris, the London Olympics, Burning Man Festival, the World Fire Sculpture Competition and the Ice Hotel in Arctic Sweden.

Residential Interiors


Bubble Chairs


Tempus Light Clock


Commercial Projects


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