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Ben Rousseau Design uses state of the art lighting equipment and control systems to make your life more comfortable and more beautiful. If you appreciate luxurious, sensual interiors, and beautiful bespoke pieces, Ben Rousseau Design is your go-to creative so you can achieve what you desire. The focus is on useable space that’s reliable and comfortable.

Whether it is a beachside retreat or a city family dwelling, our projects will always be your happy place. The work we do illustrates how you can achieve the perfect balance between the practical and the imaginative in any living or workspace. You need to be provided with sanctuary and solitude, as well as entertainment and excitement. Ben Rousseau Design focuses on visionary designs with clean lines that take you on a sensory journey. So you can make your space work in the right way for you.


This enchanting Manhattan Beach Project is not your average beach house! It was designed to showcase an eclectic mix of modern art and exciting interior features. These were combined with some statement furniture pieces and lighting installations to give the property focus. Sumptuous materials used and vibrant colours ensure this is a home to remember and excite. With an intelligent digital lighting control system, the property is fit for modern family life in the 21st Century.


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