The design was presented by Mercedes-Benz Style and Lufthansa Technik at the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibit (EBACE) earlier last week in Geneva. The purpose of this cooperation was to unite the two companies’ innovative expertise in the areas of design and technology.

In a departure from the familiar design of aircraft interiors, the cabin concept adopts an entirely new approach. The interior of the cabin is organic and homogeneous like a DNA helix. Floor, wall and ceiling flow into each other. Featuring numerous innovative details, the furniture with its sensuous clarity of design merges seamlessly with the cabin interior. The cabin windows are concealed by so-called black panels, which, inspired by the screen design in the Mercedes‑Benz S-Class, appear to float in front of the window like a light corona. Innovative Mercedes-Benz Magic Sky technology allows the panels to be dimmed electrically from black to transparent. Displays and touch screens for entertainment and information can easily be integrated into the black panels.

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The companies will jointly assess the general level of customer interest on the market in the upcoming months, in addition to further developing the details of the design concept.







Images courtesy of Daimler