We are excited to be launching our very latest edition to the Tempus timepiece collection. “The Monolith” will be on show at the Winter Lights festival at Canary Wharf in the new year. Showing an exclusive new floor standing design which is a modern take on the traditional grand father clock, in a design that is only possible with the unique manufacturing properties of Corian.

Alongside the floor standing design will be one of our classic circular Tempus designs in carbon antique mirror.

The show is open from the 16th of January to the 27th of January and is open to the public at no cost between 5pm – 10pm.

Please come down and view the all the amazing work on show from a wide collection of international artists.

With a huge thanks to Corian and CDUK for their support with the show and allowing us to push the boundaries of what can be done and achieved with this wonderful material. We used Ice Glacier Corian due to its illumination qualities. There isn’t another material that allows us to thermo form it, engrave it, illuminate it, seamless join it and polish it. This design would not be possible in any other material.