“Wasted” at The V&A Museum For London Design Festival

Wasted Installation at the V&A Museum, London

Curated by Arts-Co. Designed and built by Ben Rousseau and Ian Douglas Jones.

Wasted was created as a headline installation for the 2009 London design festival, and demonstrated a radical approach to rethinking and reusing waste. The design of the undulating fire hose was to represent the coloured plastic strata left in the ground, that hadn’t decomposed, if you were to cut through the surface of the earth in many years to come. The jewel like honey comb pattern was created using hundreds of foiled lined brown paper tea importing sacks, they consist of 4 layers of thick paper and foil and are very difficult to crush so take up a lot of room in land fill. By cutting each one in half and stitching them together into a huge membrane the entire space was lined to create a shimmering cavern that was about as far removed from the expected end position of this material’s life as it could be.

Special thanks to James Wignall and other volunteers who helped with the installation.