Infinity Mirror Floor for Chelsea Flower Show with LDC



Working alongside garden designers LDC we have been commissioned to produce an illuminated art piece which is basically a stunning infinity mirrored floor panel which will fill the central glass structure at the centre of this wonderful garden for the RNIB sponsored by Country Living.



The concept behind the design is that the guest will get a disconcerting feeling about walking over an endless dark tunnel into the abyss. Which when under the bright sun and heavenly garden will be quite a juxtaposition.

World Time Zone Illuminated Artwork

Illuminated artwork containing 9 global time zones all connected to an automatic internet updatable system.

Hanging at 1800 x 1200 and created with an edge lit acrylic grid behind a metallic floating landmass.

Created for the Tax and Advise offices London.


A wall mounted illuminated artwork inspired by science fiction films like A Space Odyssey 2001 and Blade Runner.

Multiple layers sit in spaced formation above the circuit board backdrop in gold that act like the mechanics of a Portal. Ready to take the user into another dimension.

Made from laser engraved acrylic and gold tinted stainless steel. Aluminium and LED.

Diameter 1200mm and projects 120mm from wall.

Photography by Jake Fitzjones at Aynhoe Park A modern Grand Tour art collection auction.

Available as an edition of 9 with price on application.

Greenwich Harbour Sculpture Symposium

Ben Rousseau created the “Torus” light sculpture for the Greenwich Harbour 1st annual arts symposium curated by Mary Gibbons. This sculpture was a dedication to a recently lost friend, who had greatly influenced his recent work.

The structure was hand formed using galvanised steel tubing and highlighted with IP rated LEDs. The sculpture is basically a representation of the many cycles of life. Each ring represents a path that starts in birth and ends in death. The light shining around the sculpture is the positivity in these journeys and is a celebration of every individuals life.