“Invisible Force” At the World Fire Sculpture Competition Riga 2014

In 2014 Ben Rousseau and Stuart Farrelly were selected to represent the UK at the European capital of culture Riga’s hosting of the World Fire Sculpting competition.

The 5m high installation was titled “Invisible Force” which was a huge timber structure filled with straw that had a huge timber cube filled with straw that span on steel cables in the centre of the structure and when burning in darkness rotated like it was floating in void of space.

fire sculpture

fire sculpture

fire sculpture

fire sculpture

Click the link below to watch our video of the build.



A wall mounted illuminated artwork inspired by science fiction films like A Space Odyssey 2001 and Blade Runner.

Multiple layers sit in spaced formation above the circuit board backdrop in gold that act like the mechanics of a Portal. Ready to take the user into another dimension.

Made from laser engraved acrylic and gold tinted stainless steel. Aluminium and LED.

Diameter 1200mm and projects 120mm from wall.

Photography by Jake Fitzjones at Aynhoe Park A modern Grand Tour art collection auction.

Available as an edition of 9 with price on application.

Bronze Illuminated Chess Set

Bronze metal surface treatment over american black walnut frame with LED’s inside illuminating the engraved glass playing surface.

Custom designed acrylic playing pieces made on CNC lathe with one set highly polished and other set frosted.

Available as an edition of 9. Price available on request.

Pictures by Jake Fitzjones shot at Aynhoe Park as part of the Modern Grand Tour art collection auction.

Bronze “Caillou” Chaise

Hand shaped in our London workshop and moulded in fibreglass composite by one of the countries leading car customising body kit specialists.

The composite body is then finished in pitted bronze metal surface artwork and hand polished. The upholster is by our ex Rolls Royce trimmer using Bentley anthracite leather with quilted central panel and double stitching detail all round.

Pictures by Jake Fitzjones on location Aynhoe Park , Oxford at the Modern Grand Tour art collection auction.

“Operation Blade” Artist suite in collaboration with Jai Drew 2007

Image by Adrian Nordenbourg

Operation Blade is vehicle from the future for exploring frozen dreams in magical imaginations, and was Designed and created by Ben Rousseau and Jai Drew for Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden on the banks of the Torne River

Seating area and control desk looking out of the room into the corridor. The control desk is for the guest to control the journey exploring frozen thoughts. Main desk carved from solid block of ice 1m x1m x 2m with 6 laser pods by Chris Levine inside sending laser beams reflecting through the desk to give the impression of mind powered control and organic life form.

The experience of the room was to feel as though you were beneath the ice of the Torne river and looking up into the sunlight and seeing the change of colours from blue to aqua and white and everything in between. The effect was created using fibre optics carefully positioned at the joint of each block with cables running up onto the ceiling where we had a colour wheel with a fade of the above colours on a slow cycle.

Local reindeer skins provide a sense of luxury and warmth.