Statement Pieces

Ben Rousseau creates statement pieces for residential and commercial spaces for a wide range of clients in various scales. The goal is to make unique creations that own the space and celebrate the location. These can be one of our own limited-edition pieces, or a fully custom commission tailored to your exact needs or completely site-specificIt’s always very exciting for us when you can use our trademark passion for lighting design and effects to enhance your living or workspace. We use expert knowledge on precision engineering and geometry, so every feature is unique. Each piece is specially designed for you to showcase your interiors in the most outstanding way.


Inspired by a love of automotive design and the sexy curves of a classic, this gives a 1970s favorite a 21st century makeover. The Bubble Chair gives you a sense of safety and regality with its ingenious use of framing that is similar to an all encompassing throne. Ingeniously, this means you can also socially distance yourself in a public space such as a hotel lobby. And the space age powder coating on our metal framework guarantees it’s harder for bacteria to survive. You feel totally protected in the most beautiful fashion.

Custom Pieces

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