Anthony Coscia, a design partner in Los Angeles based studio Coscia Day Architecture and Design have designed the Skywave House. Anthony created this home for himself and his wife Grace, a 2,250 square foot home that feels more like 3,500 square feet. The increased sense of space is accomplished with large glass walls, an enclosed outdoor living room and the multi level open plan. A true indoor/outdoor idea of living is achieved in this light filled space.


Description from the architect:

Skywave House is a hovering sculptural form emerging from a single articulated plane that contorts to produce unique interior spaces over a tall-glassed in first level. The design was a prize winner at the Miami Biennale, exhibited in the A+D Architecture and Design Museum’sNew Blood: next generation LA show in 2007 and presented in an exhibition in Japan sponsored by GA. This is the architect’s own home set on a typical 40 foot wide suburban slot lot in the artistic and eco-friendly community of Venice, CA.