Exhibition Stand – ATP Tennis Finals – O2

We were commissioned by Global Sports Marketing Agency Havas to design the 2014 Barclays ATP tennis stand at the 02 arena. The stand was divided into a number of zones with the prime focus being the rotating stage at the front that had cameras set up for filming interviews with the players , journalists and experts, in close range of the public attending the event. The stage rotated so when filming wasn’t taking place the trophy could be displayed in the centre of the stage with a sponsor wall behind that members of the public could have their pictures taken in front of.


Above the front stage was a large LED video screen showing live content from around the venue.


The Barclays scheme for finding and training Ball Boys and Girls was a big success and a had three challenges for competition winners to prove themselves in as well as encouraging the next generation to come and have a go. This involved rolling the balls accurately, throwing balls as fast you can and movement trials.


With so much localised filming going on we had to incorporate a fully working editing suite inside the stand


The rear of the stand was a huge montage of images from the trophy pictures we printed on site in our printing booth which allowed users to take a picture away and leave one on the rear of the stand to enter the competition and have a chance to win tickets to the event final.

The stand was predominantly a timber frame work and aluminium trussing where needed to mount the screens and lighting rigs.

LED lighting detail ran around the full exterior branding hoardings.