Gulfstream Tour-master, Tour Bus


Gulfstream Tour-master, Tour Bus

This 42 ft Gulfstream Tourmaster tour bus was renovated for use on the world superbike circuit.

The complete recondition of this stunning tour bus started with a rear bedroom makeover. Digital RGB lighting system and details were added around the master bed. Leather headboard and mirrored ceilings added the glamour factor.

A spa tub, and fiber optic ceiling in the main living space made the interior cool enough for any major Rockstar.

Renovated cabinetry in black walnut provided more storage, which served the dual purpose of being sensible and sexy. And a full re-upholstery of all the seating with sumptuous leather transformed the bus in a luxurious hotel on wheels, fit for both family and entertaining use.

R4#6–St Georges Square