Tempus Time Pieces

In an age when time has never been so precious Ben wanted to celebrate its importance by creating a more beautiful way of representing it. “Tempus” meaning “time” in Latin is his new state of the art timepiece collection.

Each piece is primarily a kinetic artwork that doubles as a futuristic clock with out the usual construction methods usually used to represent time. A clock for the digital generation.

Tempus uses state of the art digital LED’s that illuminate three different formations of segments in sequence to collectively represent a 12 hour time path. The central ring is the seconds units, once all 60 units illuminate then the first in the minutes ring illuminates. Once all 60 minutes segments illuminate the first hour segment will illuminate and the cycle continues.

This classic Tempus in circular formation at 910mm diameter is offered as both a wall hung option and floor standing option in a broad range of luxury materials with customisable light patterns and colours.

It is the perfect marriage of natural and artificial. Ben entrusted prop makers from the latest generation Star Wars films to help programme the unique and fully customisable light patterns and sequences. Constructed using precision CNC laser cutting machinery, his love of James Bond was a theme for the creative, as he envisioned this state of the art timepiece to be hanging on the wall of 007’s nemesis, Auric Goldfinger.