Statement Pieces

Hydro Water Feature

This illuminated water feature installation was requested on behalf of “This is XYZ” agency to launch the new SSE Hydro stadium in Glasgow.

Working alongside projection advertising it was created as an experiential marketing tool to showcase how water movement can combine with beautiful lighting and digital artwork.

The installation was activated by sound responsive projections based on graphic equalizer branding, as well as a live Twitter feed. This allowed guests to send messages which were then displayed on the center of the Twitterfall.

It was launched with the global rockstar Rod Stewart’s stadium experience. VIP guests of Southern Scottish Energy enjoyed the visual stimulation of a private viewing room to listen to music requested by their Tweets.

The Twitterfall stood 4m high with an equilateral triangle footprint of 7m x 7m. With a flow of 25,000 liters of water every hour cascading down the facets of over 50 smaller pyramids, it was fed by seven water outlets.

The entire unit had 21 individually controlled valves, which could be adjusted to create more interest with the projections