The illuminated shirt was created by a Dutch designer Pauline van Dongen using LEDs and foil with the purpose of improving safety for runners on public roads and pathways. The garment is made from technical jersey embedded with washable strips of the low-energy lights and sections of reflective “prismatic” foil material that curve around the body. Pauline wanted to create something runners would wear regardless of the safety issues:

I used to wear a light bracelet around my arm to be visible at night, but I always felt that it looked quite stupid and it didn’t feel comfortable at all. As a designer working in wearable technology, I thought I should know how to improve it.

The garment made its first public appearance at the Nike We Run Amsterdam event on 16 May, where a team of participants led by the designer wore the shirts to complete a 10-kilometre route. Pauline is currently working on adjusting the design to make the shirt suitable for mass production.



Via Dezeen