The Magnetite sculpture represents a compass to indicate the direction of the Northern Lights in the Ice Hotel grounds – Jukkasjarvi, Sweden. The tallest pillar is designed to indicate the direction of the northern lights when viewed along the direction of the point. The sculpture has four pillars, of which the East and West pillars will be completed next summer.

Instead of using artificial light the mirrored inner panels were to reflect one of the most beautiful lighting spectacles known to man and one of the gems of the arctic location of the Ice hotel 200 km into the arctic circle in Northern Sweden.

Made from Magnetite a combination of Iron Ore, sand and cement, cast in giant moulds then polished. Then mirror polished stainless steel to cover the inner faces.

Magnetite is a produce mined from the local Kiruna mine of which the local area owes its thanks for the jobs and wealth of many of the local people. It is highly magnetic and extremely heavy about 3x that of concrete. It is thought to have healing qualities.