A Luxury basement described by the owner as his own personal ” Bat-Cave” in an exclusive corner of West London boasting a plethora of illuminated design features, installations and art pieces. Collaborating once again with urban artist INSA we complimented our signature Bubble Chair with matching coffered ceiling illuminated by dual layers of LED’s which change colour in synchronisation. A laser projection array in the centre of the coffer beams an entrancing pattern onto the chocolate leather floor.


Lighting is controlled using an iPad interface utilising a Rako Digital System.

13.04.18_ROUSSEAU_DESIGN_055 13.04.18_ROUSSEAU_DESIGN_292

The entrance to the snug area is encircle by cool white LED lighting, and you are greeted by matching illuminated Electrowerkz table. Seating has been finished in a tubular fashion in purple to compliment the polished resin floor. The rear of the banquette seating in fitted with LED’s in order to illuminate the Verner Panton Bubble Tiles. Mirrored walls add to the drama by creating infinite reflections trapped in the mass of curves and highlights. A central Iris light draws focus to the centre of the rear wall between two Verner Panton pendants.


Twelve high powered lasers reflect around a rectangular formation create the illusion of a protective forcefield cage around the client’s stunning Aston Martin DB4.


One-of-a-kind American Black Walnut Pool Table complete with chamfered base mimicking the ceiling above. Stainless steel legs rest within layers of conical rings of clear acrylic and illuminated cushion which breaks through the outer surface gives the impression a beam of light has sliced all the way through the table. An acrylic triangle with aluminium cues and cue ball complete the accessories set


All Photography by Jake Curtis