Luxury basement in west London showing a collection of illuminated design features, installations and art pieces. Collaborating again with urban artist INSA we produced our signature illuminated bubble chair with matching coffered ceiling in chrome on silver, illuminated by two tiers of colour changing LED’s. Laser in the centre of the coffer beams a pulsating pattern onto the chocolate brown  leather floor.



All lighting is digitally controlled via an iPad interface using a digital Rako system.

13.04.18_ROUSSEAU_DESIGN_055 13.04.18_ROUSSEAU_DESIGN_292

The snug area consists of cool white LED entrance detail, illuminated Electrowerkz table with high gloss polyester top and acrylic under tray. Seating has been trimmed in a tubular purple faux leather to match the polished resin purple floor. The back of the banquette seating has a an LED trim to help wash light up the Verner Panton bubble tiles. Mirrors on the rear wall and inner wall add to the drama by way of infinite reflections repeated in the mass of curves and highlights. A central Iris light draws focus to the centre of the rear wall between two Verner Panton pendants.


Twelve high powered lasers reflect around a rectangular formation creating a protective forcefield cage around the client’s classic Aston Martin DB4.


Completely bespoke black american walnut pool table with chamfered base detail to mimic the ceiling above. Stainless steel legs sit inside layers of conical rings in clear acrylic. Illuminated cushion detail breaks through the outer surface to give the impression the beam of light has sliced through the table. Acrylic triangle and aluminium cues and cue ball complete the accessories.



Leather upholstered pockets mounted in gloss black frames. Close up detail of the illuminated band which slashes through the entire table. Also showing the leg construction made of 60 odd acrylic rings in varying diameters around a bespoke stainless leg with adjustable foot.

All Photography by Jake Curtis