Amazing light installation from German creative studio Urbanscreen.

The ’320° licht’ is a 22 minute video projection, cast onto the Gasometer in Oberhausen

creating cool graphic patterns on interior of  the 100-metre high chamber creating the

illusion that the chamber is constantly changing form and shape.

The installation is one of the world’s largest and most technically complex interior

projections covering 20,000 square meters and interconnecting 21 projectors onto one

screen. ‘320° licht’ is currently on view at the Gasometer Oberhausen from now until

December 30th, 2014.


320° licht’ image courtesy of gasometer oberhausen / wolfgang volz / urbanscreen

320-light1 WV

’320° licht from Urbanscreen, photo by thomas wolf © 2014

320-light - gasstower WV

The exterior of the gasometer in oberhausen photo by thomas machoczek © 2014