Kine Solberg has designed a innovative window panel made from a series of circular glass
lenses which maximise the amount of light hitting the glass surface, in order to distort the
reflective view of the surrounding landscape.

 “Lenscape is an exploration of the window as a basic architectural element and the way
it can be designed into an interactive feature in the interior. What Lenscape aims to
achieve, is the design of a new interpretation of the window as a filter, be it in the sense of
day-lighting, or in relation to the framed view” Solberg explained.

Using two concentric metal frames to suspend the lenses, forming a
“gimbal mechanism” allowing a rotational movement around multiple axis. The lenses
are connected at various  points, allowing them to swivel in all different directions, and
creative alternative patterns.

Window panels 6

Window panels 3


Window panels 7