Rotterdam based firm, MVRDV, has used glass bricks, window frames and architraves to replace the brick facade of a former townhouse in Amsterdam in attempt to both recreate the city’s traditional architectural style and befit the building’s new use as a Chanel boutique.

Winy Maas, one of the three co-founders of MVRDV, says:

Crystal Houses make space for a remarkable flagship store, respect the structure of the surroundings and bring a poetic innovation in glass construction. It enables global brands to combine the overwhelming desire of transparency with a couleur locale, and modernity with heritage. It can thus be applied everywhere in our historic centres.

According to Dezeen MVRDV sees Crystal Houses as a starting point for reimagining the future of glass in construction since one of the main advantages is that the material is completely recyclable. During the installation, several imperfect bricks were melted down and remoulded.




Via Dezeen