“Galactic Frontiers” was the 2012/2013 incarnation of The Ice Bar London. We designed this generation of the legendary venue in collaboration with the founding architect of  Ice Hotel – Åke Larsson.

Three distinct Frontiers were developed one of Earth focusing on the natural beauty we have here on Earth. Another looked down on the Earth from a nearby orbit and the final frontier looks out into the abyss of deep space.


Taking 43 tonnes of the purest ice from the Torne river in Jukkasjarvi, northern Sweden, seven highly experienced sculptors from the Ice Hotel team expertly created the bar over 6 long days. The planet scenes were CNC engraved back in Jukkasjarvi along with Mikael “Nille ” Nilson’s stunning hand carved model of planet Earth.

The blocks were carved quickly using incredibly sharp ice chisels, electric chainsaws and Japanese bear saws.