A new cafe opened in Cluj-Napoca, Romania called Enigma that claims to be “the world’s first kinetic steampunk bar.”

We all have to admit that we’ve all thought at least once in our lifetime about going back or forward in time. Whether what we ever wanted to do was to change something or simply to give way to an impulse of sheer curiosity, the notion of time is one of the most tempting there is and it affects all of us in a most personal way. This is why in our new design story, Enigma-The Machine, we are taking time to a very personal level. Indeed, at the center of it, is the ever visited idea of the time machine, but we all have to admit that there is more to time than just time travelling. Time is after all the material life is made of and all the details in between which are constantly added to the common act of growing and evolution are all time constrained.

The 6th sense interiors 

You can visit the cafe at Enigma at Iuliu Maniu, Nr 12, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.







Images and video courtesy of Gabriel Rosca