Toledo Metro Station, Napoli

bisazzatoledo07Toledo Metro StationToledo - View Down Escalator

This is the magnificent Toledo Metro Station in Napoli, completed by Spanish Architecture firm Oscar Tusquets Blanca.

Conga Room


In an effort to meet the clients aesthetic desires for a ceiling that reflected the vibrancy and dynamism of the Latin culture, a pattern was developed made of diamonds from the rumba dance step. The ceiling also boasts a state of the art LED lighting system, which required lighting analysis and optimization, using various building performance software. Patrons ascend the staircase wrapped around this glowing spectacle. Its pattern morphs into the pedals and flowers, and responds to the varying conditions of program and space.


Nomiya, Paris

This tiny, movable restaurant is a temporary module placed atop the roof of Le Palais de Tokyo Museum in Paris. The glass cabin gives diners a panoramic view of the Seine and Eiffel Tower, and holds a central cooking area and a dining room that seats 12 people. Coloured LED lighting and a perforated metal screen gives the space some texture, and bonus…the chef offers a new menu every day!

Ribbed Workspace

The design team at Synthesis recently installed a custom home office for a private personal investment advisor. Constrained by both budget and space, the design team at Synthesis en-wrapped a series of prefabricated CNC milled birch plywood ribs atop all the necessary features any home work space should include: a desk, sliding and hinged storage units, a printer and paper shredder, concealed paths for cables and  recesses for lighting – thereby eliminating all unnecessary clutter.

The horizontal spacers are arranged in the pattern of a world map, which will allows the owner to map out his travels! The design of the work space presents a viable solution to ensure working from home can be free from distraction and where focus in an innovative space ensures the highest level of productivity.

Louis Vuitton Concept Store

Fashion brand Louis Vuitton has collaborated with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama to create a collection of garments featuring Kusama’s obsessional polka dot patterns.

Well known for her repeating spot patterns, painter, poet and performer Kusama has lived voluntarily in a psychiatric institution since 1977 after battling with her obsessions from a young age. Following Louis Vuitton’s sponsorship of Kusama’s Tate exhibition earlier this year and inspired by her repetitive designs, the brand has created materials, bags and shoes covered in bright red, yellow and black polka dots.

Twenty four Selfridges display windows have been dedicated to the Vuitton & Kusama Collection and inside visitors are instructed to follow the red dots along the shop floor leading to the store and a life size, polka dot-clad model of Kusama herself.