The Minds Eye – Chelsea Flower Show 2014

RHS Chelsea Flower Show - London

Photo by: Matt Crossick

We were commissioned by LDC Garden Designs to create an infinity well as a focal piece for this RNIB show garden at the Chelsea Flower Show which was sponsored by Countryside Properties.

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 09.55.27RNIB Chelsea Flower Show Fresh Garden

Photo by: Susannah Ireland / RNIB


IMG_0260 copy

The Mind’s Eye Garden, designed by award-winning landscape designers LDC, will feature in the show’s Fresh Garden category, which champions innovation and creativity, challenging designers to think outside the traditional perceptions of a Chelsea garden.

IMG_0268 copy

The garden was inspired by a joint scheme between Countryside and RNIB to redevelop the existing RNIB Community Living Service facilities at Redhill, Surrey.   Currently in planning, this innovative scheme will produce a model for integrated supported living, which will be unique in the UK and will provide an environment to benefit the whole community. Properties for RNIB residents will be built amongst houses available for private sale, to ensure an integrated and vibrant community and there will be a wide range of community facilities. As a key element of the overall masterplan, a sensory trail will wind its way through the development to form part of the RNIB educational programme. This will feature many of the key sensory design elements within The Mind’s Eye garden.

IMG_0283 copy

Water is used as a wayfinder with a series of deep, dark rills running through the four climatic planting zones of the garden. At the centre is a glass cube partially covered in moving water designed to refract light and offer a stimulating visual experience.

IMG_0267 copy

The aim of the garden is to stimulate the ‘mind’s eye’ by encouraging visitors to engage in an intimate experience of touch, sound, taste and aroma. Throughout the space we will use contrasting materials and textures which will challenge visitors to use their imagination and memory.

IMG_0281 copy

The garden is loosely divided into four zones – open woodland, damp/wet shady woodland, temperate prairie border and Mediterranean/arid border. Naturalistic planting covers horizontal and vertical plant beds to contrast and soften the hard landscaping.

IMG_0258 copy

It needed to be bright enough to have effect in the fantastic may sunshine so has 144 5 watt LED’s inside.

The concept is to stimulate the senses and make the user feel like they are about to fall into the abyss.

With a layer of 33mm thick laminated glass the over all unit is only 136mm deep but has the illusion of depth disappearing off into infinity.


We are very proud to announce that it won a gold medal in today’s judging.

Illuminated Sculpture Greenwich Park, New York

Illuminated Sculpture - Greenwich Park, New York

Ben Rousseau created the “Wise Old Ake” sculpture for the Greenwich Harbour 1st annual arts symposium. This sculpture was a dedication to a recently lost friend, who has greatly influenced my recent work.

The structure was hand formed using galvanised steel tuning and highlighted with IP rated LEDs. The sculpture is basically a representation of the many cycles of life. Each ring represents a path that starts in birth and ends in death. The light shining around the sculpture is the positivity in these journeys and is a celebration of every individuals life.

The sculpture is currently looking for a home where it can be displayed sitting on water so the reflection of the sculpture is repeated through the surface of the water. Please get in touch if you have a business or residence that can accommodate this piece.

Infinity Mirror Clock

Infinity mirror clock 2  Infinity mirror clock 3

Continuing our on going work with Art consultancy Acrylicize, we were commissioned to create an illuminated wall mounted artwork for the reception of Senator House. This was to be a large Infinity Mirror Clock acting as the second hand to a large clock installation in the main atrium of Senator House. Made with a digitally printed glass fascia and 60 bright blue LED’s all synchronised to a web based oscillator. To represent the second hand each LED flashes on in sequence and then stays lit for the 60 seconds. To represent the minutes the LED’s are illuminated at half brightness until the second hand passes over and flashes, before being re-lit at half brightness.
Using lighting, technology and our understanding of materials we took a brief from Acrylicize to engineer a fantastic reception waiting area artwork enjoyed by office staff 24 hours a day.
Infinity mirror clock 1

Illuminated Bubble Chairs for The LDC, Azerbaijan

Illuminated bubble chairs by Rousseau design, with etched flock pattern and faux fur cushions. Led light source is a DMX controlled RGB colour change lighting system which synchronises all four chairs together in this fantastic private nightclub in Azerbaijan for The Lighting Design Collective, Madrid.

World Time Zone Illuminated Artwork

Illuminated artwork containing 9 global time zones all connected to an automatic internet updatable system.

Hanging at 1800 x 1200 and created with an edge lit acrylic grid behind a metallic floating landmass.

Created for the Tax and Advise offices London.