Amy Winehouse

amy winehousr artwork acrylic

Amy Winehouse in laser cut acrylic mounted behind non reflective glass in timber frame. Taken from the series “Icons Departed” as a celebration of popular culture and the lives of such talented people taken from this planet too early.

Artwork 600 x800. Framed 650 x 850 mm. Available as an edition of 9.

“Reflections Of The Heart”

Reflections of The Heart is an infinity light box artwork created for the “Love Heartz” show for Valentines at Lights of Soho in 2016.

This was one of four pieces on show.

The inspiration for this piece comes about from the look of love that bounces back and forth between the eyes of two lovers.

Available as an edition of 5 pieces. 600 x 600

“Kiss It”

“Kiss It” is an illuminated artwork that captures the beauty and unique personal impression of the customer, frozen in time forever, by creating a perfect CNC engraved replication of their lips on an illuminated wall mounted artwork.  No two pieces will ever be the same.

Available as a unique one off piece of a supplied print of your lips that I will turn into your very own personal artwork.

Acrylic , LED with Acrylic frame. Custom framing options available.

Shown at size 800x1000mm. But bespoke options available on request.




Iris Light Main shot by Ben Rousseau

Iris Light taken from a collection about replicating the repeating geometry in human forms and creating them with computer controlled manufacturing techniques and modern man made materials such as the CNC engraving of the veins in this acrylic. Lighting is from a central lighting core with LED light source.

Available in Red as an edition of 9. 900mm in diameter.

Gumball 3000 15th Year Anniversary Collectors Chair

To Celebrate 15 years of the legendary lifestyle and adventure brand Gumball 3000, Founder Maximillion Cooper and Ben Rousseau teamed up to create this collectors edition chair.

Set on a swivel base and made from composite covered in antique pitted bronze and lined with quilted upholstery using Bentley’s very same finest Scottish leather.

Available as an edition of 15 each with embroidered head rest and signed and engraved base plate.

Taken inspiration from the stunning lines on the bodywork of classic sports cars from 1950’s and 60’s and then combined with modern furniture and coach working methods of manufacture.


A wall mounted illuminated artwork inspired by science fiction films like A Space Odyssey 2001 and Blade Runner.

Multiple layers sit in spaced formation above the circuit board backdrop in gold that act like the mechanics of a Portal. Ready to take the user into another dimension.

Made from laser engraved acrylic and gold tinted stainless steel. Aluminium and LED.

Diameter 1200mm and projects 120mm from wall.

Photography by Jake Fitzjones at Aynhoe Park A modern Grand Tour art collection auction.

Available as an edition of 9 with price on application.