Love Is The Drug

Taken from the collection “Rave Generation” inspired by catch phrases from the 90’s Rave scene. “Love is the Drug” is a 3 colour neon on aluminium background.

Available as an edition of 5 pieces. 800 x 800 x 180mm

Available as prints on museum art paper at 600 x600mm signed by Ben Rousseau.

Rousseau X INSA Caillou Chair

As part of the Ben Rousseau X INSA collaborations of furniture art pieces, this Caillou chaise was hand painted and available as an edition of 5 in this acid pink colour.

Wagiman – Illuminated Bubble Chair

Wagiman Illuminated Bubble chairs by Rousseau Design with custom artwork by Insa. Acrylic globe with stainless steel ring and LED light source.

Fiberglass moulded hand painted edition of 3.

Ben Rousseau X Insa Illuminated Wingback Chair


Sharing a passion for the world of festishism and its relationship with everyday objects Ben Rousseau and INSA put heads together  again to create another piece that uses INSA’s signature print alongside Rousseau’s fascination for using lighting in furniture design.

Using a special roll of INSA print fabric produced by the infamous hat brand Kangol, the chair has matching pink LED lighting wash over the floor below the chair. A notable matching detail is when you sit in the chair and two folds above the shoulders reveal the pink silk inners of the chair, the same as the inside of the hat and festish inspired detail.

Created as an edition of 1.


Union Jack Rizla Table


“Rizla Union” coffee table, made from a montage artwork by The Gurley with Rizla packets to create a Union Jack Flag. This original artwork was printed onto the glass with UV bonded stainless steel legs.

Edition 1 of 1. Owned now by Bezz from the Happy Monday’s.