“Invisible Force” At the World Fire Sculpture Competition Riga 2014

In 2014 Ben Rousseau and Stuart Farrelly were selected to represent the UK at the European capital of culture Riga’s hosting of the World Fire Sculpting competition.

The 5m high installation was titled “Invisible Force” which was a huge timber structure filled with straw that had a huge timber cube filled with straw that span on steel cables in the centre of the structure and when burning in darkness rotated like it was floating in void of space.

fire sculpture

fire sculpture

fire sculpture

fire sculpture

Click the link below to watch our video of the build.


“Aiguisé” Illuminated Furniture Installation at Bloomberg HG London

Bloomberg Illuminated Seating area

As part of our ongoing relationship with Arts Co. we were commissioned to produce this site specific functional piece of art for the Bloomberg Marketing Department. Designed to be as futuristic a meeting place as possible, whilst not acting as a distraction for other members of staff.  Finished with silver carbon fibre effect automotive upholstery, and slice through illumination detailing.

Ben Rousseau X INSA Bubble Chair and Ceiling Coffer

Ben Rousseau and INSA created one of their highly sort after illuminated bubble chairs and made a matching ceiling coffer to go with it in a special art collectors basement Rousseau had designed.

The ceiling coffer was produced in chrome on silver paint and is illuminated with synchronised RGB LED’s that also control the chair.

Chair modelled by Arabella Drummond.

Greenwich Harbour Sculpture Symposium

Ben Rousseau created the “Torus” light sculpture for the Greenwich Harbour 1st annual arts symposium curated by Mary Gibbons. This sculpture was a dedication to a recently lost friend, who had greatly influenced his recent work.

The structure was hand formed using galvanised steel tubing and highlighted with IP rated LEDs. The sculpture is basically a representation of the many cycles of life. Each ring represents a path that starts in birth and ends in death. The light shining around the sculpture is the positivity in these journeys and is a celebration of every individuals life.


Submission For Public Sculpture

Working with architect Ian Douglas-Jones and Shanghai based sculpture and environmental artist Tianshi Lu, we joined forces to submit a public sculpture design for the Gallerie8 Grange Gardens competition in Bermondsey, London.

“Getting Cold Feet” – High Heel Ice Sculptures

INSA and myself were invited to Sweden as the only two British artists to help curate 2008/2009’s incarnation of the legendary ICE HOTEL in the Arctic Circle.

“In a continuation of their shared love of high heel aesthetics the room’s main feature is a pair of huge snow legs descending from the ceiling, wearing a pair of gigantic ice heels. Each shoe, over six foot high and two tonnes in weight were hand-carved from pure natural ice harvested from the Torne river.

Between the legs is the bed, crowned by an ecclesiastical arched window featuring an engraved INSA’s signature of line patterns.The rest of the room resembles something somewhere between a house of worship, gallery or boutique with more yonic arches housing smaller heel sculptures and other symbols of commercial wealth.”