‘Lenscape’ amazing window panels manipulate reflection

Kine Solberg has designed a innovative window panel made from a series of circular glass
lenses which maximise the amount of light hitting the glass surface, in order to distort the
reflective view of the surrounding landscape.

 “Lenscape is an exploration of the window as a basic architectural element and the way
it can be designed into an interactive feature in the interior. What Lenscape aims to
achieve, is the design of a new interpretation of the window as a filter, be it in the sense of
day-lighting, or in relation to the framed view” Solberg explained.

Using two concentric metal frames to suspend the lenses, forming a
“gimbal mechanism” allowing a rotational movement around multiple axis. The lenses
are connected at various  points, allowing them to swivel in all different directions, and
creative alternative patterns.

Window panels 6

Window panels 3


Window panels 7

Google Project Tango

Computing giant Google has just announced Project Tango, a prototype 5″ smartphone and developer kit fitted with advanced 3D scanners. The sensors not only track motion but can actually create a visual map of spaces using 3D scanning. Google feel that advanced computer vision techniques combined with 3D scanning will revolutionise immersive gaming and indoor navigation.

This new technology could have far reaching implications for the design world, the measuring tape, a stedfast tool used by architects and interior designers alike could soon be made redundant by this rapid method of measuring a room.

In its announcement, Google asks: “What if you could capture the dimensions of your home simply by walking around with your phone before you went furniture shopping? What if directions to a new location didn’t stop at the street address? What if you never again found yourself lost in a new building?”

Watch Google’s launch video below:



Toledo Metro Station, Napoli

bisazzatoledo07Toledo Metro StationToledo - View Down Escalator

This is the magnificent Toledo Metro Station in Napoli, completed by Spanish Architecture firm Oscar Tusquets Blanca.

The Balancing Barn


Built by maverick architects MVRDV this barn is a fine example of contemporary architecture.


The balancing of the barn has half its mass hanging over a hillside.


A swing dangles from the floor like a little punch line beneath the mirrored underside of the barn. The kitchen is on solid ground and the bedrooms run along the corridor. The living area is located in the section that is in free space and has a glass floor. The Balancing Barn has received numerous awards for its architecture. Its interior design is top notch too. The exterior of the barn is covered in reflected tiles to bring the color of the changing seasons to the structure. From the living room you will find huge windows with amazing views of the English countryside. There is much in the way of quaint villages and nature reserves in the surrounding area to entertain you during your stay.

Skywave House


Anthony Coscia, a design partner in Los Angeles based studio Coscia Day Architecture and Design have designed the Skywave House. Anthony created this home for himself and his wife Grace, a 2,250 square foot home that feels more like 3,500 square feet. The increased sense of space is accomplished with large glass walls, an enclosed outdoor living room and the multi level open plan. A true indoor/outdoor idea of living is achieved in this light filled space.


Description from the architect:

Skywave House is a hovering sculptural form emerging from a single articulated plane that contorts to produce unique interior spaces over a tall-glassed in first level. The design was a prize winner at the Miami Biennale, exhibited in the A+D Architecture and Design Museum’sNew Blood: next generation LA show in 2007 and presented in an exhibition in Japan sponsored by GA. This is the architect’s own home set on a typical 40 foot wide suburban slot lot in the artistic and eco-friendly community of Venice, CA.