The entrance of the Monditalia architectural exhibition at the
2014 venice architecture biennale  has been lit up by Rem Koolhaus
who used thousands of glowing bulbs and 15kg of Swarovski crystals set
on a wooden framework to create a dazzling entrance to the exhibition.

The towering 6 x 20 metre structure spans the length of the arsenale’s
first room and is symbolic of the grand urban lighting instillations so
familiar in Italian architecture.

The combination of the thousands tiny lights and crystals
cast a vibrant glow throughout the ancient building and are
reminiscent of the traditional Venetian archways which are often
covered in lights during celebrations throughout the region.

Rem Koolhaas Monditalia entrance 1

Rem Koolhaas Monditalia entrance angled 3

Rem Koolhaas Monditalia entrance with ppl5


Images courtesy of Gilbert McGarragher