Ben Rousseau is an award-winning British designer based in Manhattan Beach, renowned for creating unique visionary state-of-the-art custom homes and luxury interior products for modern tech-savvy individuals, sports stars and their families residing in the South Bay Area and London. Ben has a proven track record of delivering high quality projects featured in many international publications, including Elle Decoration, Darc Magazine.

Ben founded Rousseau Design in London in 2001, and over the last 19 years, Rousseau has created a slick interior design process, taking clients on an exhilarating creative journey. With unrivalled attention to detail from concept to delivery. Ben Rousseau  delivers a fully collaborative approach ensuring alignment with the client and other stakeholders such as architects and contractors.


With Ben Rousseau every project is unique, however the approach is always the same; he spends time with you, he gets a feel for the space and its surroundings, and listens to your vision and requirements. He then assimilate, conceptualise and develop a functional design concept. Once a concept has been created, next, the design undergoes various iterations, until all parties are thrilled with the results.

Stylistically, Rousseau creates drama and desirability, while balancing usability and functionality in his designs through the use of lighting, technology and materials. Rousseau’s modern aesthetics; the clean European style, and individualistic modern contemporary design come to life through the use of quality materials and precision craftsmanship.