“Twitterfall” SSE Stadium – Glasgow – XYZ Events


"Twitterfall" SSE Stadium - Glasgow - XYZ Events

We created this illuminated water feature installation on behalf of “This is XYZ” agency for the launch of the new SSE Hydro stadium in Glasgow, Working  alongside Projection Advertising. We created this experiential marketing tool to showcase how movement of water can combine with beautiful lighting and digital artwork which was activated by sound responsive projections based on the graphic equaliser branding as well as a live twitter feed which allowed guest to send messages that were then displayed on the centre of the Twitterfall. Launching with Local hero Rod Stewart the stadium experience was an interactive holding lounge where VIP guests of Southern Scottish Energy could enjoy the visual stimulation of the Green Room and listen to music requested by their Tweets.

SSE Hydro Green Room.

SSE Hydro Green Room.

SSE Hydro Green Room.

The Twitterfall stood 4m high with an equilateral triangle foot print of 7m x 7m and had a flow of 25,000 litres of water every hour cascading down the facets of over 50 smaller pyramids fed by 7 water outlets. The entire unit had 21 individually controlled valves which could be adjusted to create more interest with the projections.

SSE Hydro Green Room.

SSE Hydro Green Room.

Illuminated Sculpture – New York


Illuminated Sculpture - New York

Illuminated Sculpture - Greenwich Park, New York

The structure was formed using galvanised steel tuning and highlighted with IP rated LEDs. The LED’s are to illuminate the internal surfaces and create shadow to the exterior surfaces which add greater depth and interest to the form. It has been designed to sit in shallow water so the reflection of the sculpture is repeated through the surface of the water.

The concept behind the sculpture is to be a representation of the many cycles of life. Each ring represents a path that starts in birth and ends in death. The light shining around the sculpture is the positivity in these journeys and is a celebration of every individuals life.

Dimensions 6500 x 2000

Rousseau sculpture day shot

Yotopia Yoga Studio – Covent Garden


Yotopia Yoga Studio - Covent Garden

The feature wall was envisioned to create a feeling of movement through the space, whilst also acting as a functional storage area and finished with a blue LED illumination.

The “Yotopia” Yoga Studio, Covent Garden was designed & built in collaboration with Zynk Architects.


“Galactic Frontiers” Ice Bar – London


"Galactic Frontiers" Ice Bar - London


“Galactic Frontiers” was the 2012/2013 incarnation of The Ice Bar London. We designed this generation of the legendary venue in collaboration with the founding architect of  Ice Hotel – Åke Larsson.

Three distinct Frontiers were developed one of Earth focusing on the natural beauty we have here on Earth. Another looked down on the Earth from a nearby orbit and the final frontier looks out into the abyss of deep space.


Taking 43 tonnes of the purest ice from the Torne river in Jukkasjarvi, northern Sweden, seven highly experienced sculptors from the Ice Hotel team expertly created the bar over 6 long days. The planet scenes were CNC engraved back in Jukkasjarvi along with Mikael “Nille ” Nilson’s stunning hand carved model of planet Earth.


The blocks were carved quickly using incredibly sharp ice chisels, electric chainsaws and Japanese bear saws.


Peleton Partners – Soho – Gabhan O’keeffe


Peleton Partners - Soho - Gabhan O'keeffe

RGB LED Illuminated printed glass screens dividing trading floor and break out area.


Blue carbon fibre kitchen with RGB illuminated printed glass splash back.

kitchen blue carbon fibre

Illuminated room divider


Matching RGB illuminated coffee table in frosted acrylic with glass top and polyester lacquered frame.

Illuminated coffee table