Magnetite Sculpture – Ice Hotel

Magnetite SculptureMagnetite Sculpture01

The Magnetite sculpture represents a compass to indicate the direction of the Northern Lights in the Ice Hotel grounds – Jukkasjarvi, Sweden. The tallest pillar is designed to indicate the direction of the northern lights. The sculpture has four pillars, of which the East and West pillars will be completed next summer.

“Alari” Arc Lamp

Alari Arc Lamp made from acrylic with side omitting fibre-optics.  Acrylic Globe with fibre optic lens inside.

Alari Arc lamp Close up 600Alari Arc Lamp - 600

“Jin-Na” Illuminated Table

Laser cut live edge acrylic table with glass top, lit by external ultra violet light source


Swarovski Encrusted Sindrella Ornament

A High heeled shoe covered with Swarovski Fabric.

Swarovski High Heel Shoe 600

1210 Xray Lightbox

X-Ray Lightbox of Technics 1210 decks and mixer.

Xray Lightbox 600

Sinderella Acrylic High Heel Shoe

Sinderella Acrylic Clear 600