“Portal” Illuminated Artwork


Illuminated artwork by Ben Rousseau

Illuminated artwork by Ben Rousseau

Illuminated artwork by Ben Rousseau

A wall mounted illuminated artwork inspired by science fiction films like A Space Odyssey 2001 and Blade Runner.

A futuristic nod to design that showcases my love of sic-fi the future and engineering all tied together with stunning lighting detail.

The different layers sit in spaced formation over the circuit board design in gold that act like the mechanics of a Portal that can take you into another dimension.

Made from laser engraved acrylic and gold tinted stainless steel.

Diameter 1200 and projects about 120 from wall

Photography by Jake Fitzjones at Aynhoe Park A modern Grand Tour art collection auction

Available as an edition of 9 with price on application

Bronze Illuminated Chess Set


Bronze Illuminated Chess Set by Ben Rousseau

Bronze Illuminated Chess Set by Ben Rousseau

Bronze Illuminated Chess Set by Ben Rousseau

Bronze metal surface treatment over american black walnut frame with LED’s inside illuminating the engraved glass playing surface.

Custom designed acrylic playing pieces made on CNC lathe with one set highly polished and other set frosted.

Available as an edition of 9. Price available on request.

Pictures by Jake Fitzjones shot at Aynhoe Park as part of the Modern Grand Tour art collection auction

Bronzed Caillou Chaise


Caillou lounger by Ben Rousseau

Caillou chair by Ben rousseau

Caillou Chair by Ben ROusseau

Hand shaped in our London workshop and moulded in fibreglass composite by one of the countries leading car customising body kit specialists.

The composite body is then finished in pitted bronze metal surface artwork and hand polished. The upholster is by our ex Rolls Royce trimmer using Bentley anthracite leather with quilted central panel and double stitching detail all round.

Pictures by Jake Fitzjones on location Aynhoe Park , Oxford at the Modern Grand Tour art collection auction.

“Aiguisé” Illuminated Furniture Installation at Bloomberg HG London

The As part of our ongoing relationship with Arts Co. we were commissioned to produce this site specific functional art piece for the Bloomberg Marketing Department. Designed to be as futuristic a meeting place as possible, whilst not acting as a distraction for other members of staff.  Finished with silver carbon fibre effect automotive upholstery, with sliced through illumination detailing.

The triangular foot print of the space meant a totally unique formation was the only solution. Comprising of 3.5m seating unit and bench with matching coffee table. Designed to uphold the Bloomberg protocol of meetings need to take no longer than 30mins so the unit had to look visually striking yet be comfortable for short periods of time only.

Illuminated seating for Bloomberg by Ben Rousseau

Illuminated seating for Bloomberg by Ben Rousseau




Galactic Frontiers, Ice Bar London by IceHotel

“Galactic Frontiers” is the 2012/2013 generation of Ice Bar London by Icehotel. It was designed by the founding architect of  Ice Hotel – Åke Larsson and myself.

Using the purest ice from the Torne river in Jukkasjarvi, northern Sweden, a team of seven experienced sculptors from Ice Hotel expertly created the bar in 6 long days. The large planet scenes were CNC engraved in Jukkasjarvi along with the stunning model of planet Earth which was hand carved by Mikael “Nille ” Nilson.

43 tonnes were used in total which came in deliveries each day and were loaded and lifted using small pump trucks and mini forklifts. The blocks were carved quickly using super sharp ice chisels , japanese bear saws and electric chainsaws.

Ice BarIce Bar Globe CloseupIce Bar GalaxyIce Bar Globe

Please visit Below Zero – home of Ice Bar London at 31 Heddon Street, City of Westminister, W1B 4. Open until September 2013. 

Greenwich Harbour 1st Annual Arts Symposium

Greenwich Harbour Sculpture

Ben Rousseau created the “Wise Old Ake” sculpture for the Greenwich Harbour 1st annual arts symposium. This sculpture was a dedication to a recently lost friend, who has greatly influenced my recent work.

The structure was hand formed using galvanised steel tuning and highlighted with IP rated LEDs. The sculpture is basically a representation of the many cycles of life. Each ring represents a path that starts in birth and ends in death. The light shining around the sculpture is the positivity in these journeys and is a celebration of every individuals life.

The sculpture is currently looking for a home where it can be displayed sitting on water so the reflection of the sculpture is repeated through the surface of the water. Please get in touch if you have a business or residence that can accommodate this piece.


Magnetite Sculpture – Ice Hotel

Magnetite SculptureMagnetite Sculpture01

The Magnetite sculpture represents a compass to indicate the direction of the Northern Lights in the Ice Hotel grounds – Jukkasjarvi, Sweden. The tallest pillar is designed to indicate the direction of the northern lights. The sculpture has four pillars, of which the East and West pillars will be completed next summer.

“Alari” Arc Lamp

Alari Arc Lamp made from acrylic with side omitting fibre-optics.  Acrylic Globe with fibre optic lens inside.

Alari Arc lamp Close up 600Alari Arc Lamp - 600

“Jin-Na” Illuminated Table

Laser cut live edge acrylic table with glass top, lit by external ultra violet light source


Swarovski Encrusted Sindrella Ornament

A High heeled shoe covered with Swarovski Fabric.

Swarovski High Heel Shoe 600