Luxury Basement

Rousseau X INSA Caillou Chair

Wagiman – Illuminated Bubble Chair

Wagiman Illuminated Bubble chairs by Rousseau Design with custom artwork by Insa. Acrylic globe with stainless steel ring and LED light source.

Fiberglass moulded hand painted edition of 3.

“Getting Cold Feet” – High Heel Ice Sculptures

INSA and myself were invited to Sweden as the only two British artists to help curate 2008/2009’s incarnation of the legendary ICE HOTEL in the Arctic Circle.
“In a continuation of their shared love of high heel aesthetics the room’s main feature is a pair of huge snow legs descending from the ceiling, wearing a pair of gigantic ice heels. Each shoe, over six foot high and two tonnes in weight were hand-carved from pure natural ice harvested from the Torne river.
Between the legs is the bed, crowned by an ecclesiastical arched window featuring an engraved INSA’s signature of line patterns.The rest of the room resembles something somewhere between a house of worship, gallery or boutique with more yonic arches housing smaller heel sculptures and other symbols of commercial wealth. ”

Rousseau X Insa Illuminated Wingback Chair



Both sharing a passion INSA teamed up with bespoke furniture designer Ben Rousseau to work on a number of pieces. Rousseau Wing back chair is one of them, It is designed in signature Insa print fabric. Pink silk peep holes with pink LED light source in base.