“Invisible Force” At the World Fire Sculpture Competition Riga 2014

In 2014 Ben Rousseau and Stuart Farrelly were selected to represent the UK at the European capital of culture Riga’s hosting of the World Fire Sculpting competition.

The 5m high installation was titled “Invisible Force” which was a huge timber structure filled with straw that had a huge timber cube filled with straw that span on steel cables in the centre of the structure and when burning in darkness rotated like it was floating in void of space.

Fire sculpture

Fire Sculpture

fire sculpture


Click the link below to watch our video of the build.


W12 Show – Corian Furniture

Rousseau Corian Wedge Collection

Commissioned by CD UK (distributors of Corian in the UK) – “Wedge” is a new collection of beautiful domestic furniture that effectively unites the dynamic and practical qualities of Corian®  with the warmth and familiarity of timber to produce a very complementary partnership.

This collection highlights the similarities of the fabrication processes of the two materials, and offers an introduction into how diverse and easy both are to work with and combine.

The combination of timber and veneer with Corian® shows what a wonderfully diverse and practical material it is. Using it with timber softens the overall presence of the material while taking the most practical qualities of each. I hope this collection provides designers with more of an insight into what is possible with Corian®.

Made from Glacier White Corian® and Black American Walnut.

Take a look at the video to get a glimpse of the furniture at the W12 Exhibition.

Luxury Basement

Gurley – Rousseau Products


The world according to… for MacLean Interiors

Eley Kishimoto branded flooring and wallpaper with illuminated reception counter, ply furniture and lighting details.

HMV megastore gaming zones

“Skoof” Playful seating design in Fibreglass used in HMV megastore gaming zones .

Rousseau X INSA Caillou Chair

Wagiman – Illuminated Bubble Chair

Wagiman Illuminated Bubble chairs by Rousseau Design with custom artwork by Insa. Acrylic globe with stainless steel ring and LED light source.

Fiberglass moulded hand painted edition of 3.

Designer’s Block 2009 – Plaster artworks by PUTTI

Plaster Artworks with illuminated detailing by PUTTI

Submission For Public Sculpture


Working with architect Ian Douglas-Jones and Shanghai based sculpture and environmental artist Tianshi Lu, we joined forces to submit a public sculpture design for the Gallerie8 Grange Gardens competition in Bermondsey, London.